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Related article: Date: Sun, 24 Jul pthc stories bdsm 2005 23:38:44 EDT
Subject: "Good Times" (Part 2) (Celebrity) OFFICIAL DISCLAIMER: This story is FICTION based upon FICTIONAL
characters. "Good Times" is a Norman Lear-Bud York production/Sony
Now that the ice had been
broken between them, James Evans Sr. and his 18-year-old son J.J. could
not get enough of each other. Though they had to wait until pthc lola tgp
the rest of
the family was out to get it on and go on down, the hot black dad and son
sex team more than made up for losttime.
On one Sunday a few weeks after thier first "father-son bonding",
James and J.J had their chance bigtime.
After church that morning, Florida, Thelma, and
Willona took Amtrak to Milwaukee, to attend an anniversary party for one
of Florida's old school friends. Michael was also away for the day,
attending pthc cp sex an out-of-town basketball game with some of his friends. So
James and his eldest son had the apartment.....and the entire
further explore the erotic realm of dad-sonsex.
"You know, Junior,"
James chuckled, "I never realized that for a dude built like a flagpole,
you sure got a hot little butt !" J.J. flashed a broad grin, and his
hands reached behind him to squeeze his round, super-tight little
buns. "Well, y'know...what can I danish magazin pthc say?" he
gloated, wriggling his hot little ghetto glutes just inches away from his
handsome dad's beaming
face. photo pthc bbs angel " C'mon, Junior,"
James replied, his massive cock taxing the fly of his tight yellow
"You done brought your old man to the
boiling point again!" James reached out with his big arm and pulled J.J.
over, and turned him around that his son's round little high-riding butt
was right there for the
taking! russian pthc porn Right
through the seat of J.J.'s tight slacks, James nibbled, bit, and licked
those little mounds, making J.J. moan in
"Damn, Dad, " J. J. pthc gallery cp lover moaned , wriggling his little cheeks harder against
his dad's beefy face. " You got the moves down
pat......out-of-sight....all right....and DY-NO-MITE!!" J.J was stroking
the huge bulge that ran down his trouser leg, feeling lube dribble down
his skinny leg, loving the feel of his dad working over his butt. Then
James reached around and unbuckled J.J's belt, and unzipped his fly. he
pulled J.J's pants down to his ankles, and saw that J.J was wearing SILK
boxers....VERY tight pthc bbs young and hugging the contours of his little butt like aglove.
"Damn, Junior.....SILK
shorts??" James exclaimed. "Where did YOU ever find a pair of these?"
J.J. just laughed and top pthc sex replied, "You know me, Dad....I just FIIIIINNNDDDD
things!" The next pthc kdz
thing he knew, he was pulled over Jame's beefy lap, and
felt James' big hands rubbing and squeezing his ass right through the
sweaty silk. His massive, foot-long ghetto dong
throbbed hard as it was pressed firmly against James' powerful, thick
thigh. J.J. moaned as he felt his Dad's big hand pull those silk shorts
down, exposing his smooth, tight, mouth-watering little ghettoglutes.
"You're never too old for a
good spankin', son," James chuckled, and, with that, started spanking
J.J's upturned ass with that pthc bbs index big rough paw. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!
WHAP! J.J. wriggled and squirmed like a chitlin' in a frying pan as James
spanked his little butt, making him hump his dad's thick leg all the
harder. Damn, that fuckin' cordoroy felt damn fine pedo pthc pictures rubbin' against his
foot-long monster! When James' got J.J's little rump a nice glowing red
,he stopped his spanking and made J.J. stand up, pants and silk boxers
down around his ankles. His fat, monstrous ebony
shaft aimed at James' handsome face, like an ancient African spear poised
"Damn, son, " James crowed, "You sure took after your
daddy....look at the size of this cock!!" Opening his mouth as wide as he
could, James sucked on as much of his son's humongous cock as he could,
and J.J. groaned as he watched his handsome, broad-shouldered dad go down
on his massive spear. Just the wet, slurping sounds of his dad's mouth
working over his thick slab of inner-city cock was driving J.J.crazy.
Just when he thought he
coudn't xxx pthc bbs take it anymore, James pulled off J.J's fat dong, and then
roughly bent him over the sofa. As he dropped his pants and boxers he
muttered, "Junior, it's been a week since I got to plow this tight little
butt of yours....your daddy's been waitin' all week for this, my
man!" boy pics pthc
portal girls pthc pthc video free sample
"DY-NO-MITE!!!!!!" J.J. moaned,
as James' massive black dick started stretching his ultra-tightsphincter.
AS SLICK AND CLEAN AS A CHITLIN' !!" James relentlessly fucked his
eldest son's quivering little ass, his massive black balls smacking those
little cheeks with each hard thrust foward. J.J.'s huge shaft was humping
the back of the sofa, drooling lube all over the worn material. "HOT
DAMN!!" James roared, feeling his bloated balls churn as he slammed in
and out of J.J.'s tight littlebutt.
felt pthc cbaby his own massive orgasm fast approaching as mixed pthc collection his dad's massive ebony
eel pummeled his achingprostate.
"Yeahhhhh, Dad....." J.J.
moaned, reaching back to feel his dad's huge black shaft spearing his
tight chute. "Yeahhh....fill my little ghetto butt up with that sticky
"HERE IT COMES, JUNIOR," James warned
LORD.....OH,JESUSSSSSSS!!" James' hairy bull-balls finally blew, and his
mammoth cock ejected squirt after sticky squirt of thick ghetto-daddy
jizz deep inside of J.J.'s wriggling little ass. That's when J.J. went
over the edge, and his own humongous cock started spewing gobs of spunk
all over his shirt front as well as the back of thesofa.
J.J. felt his dad's
massive load dribbling out of his well-stretched chute and down his long,
"Uhhh, Dad?" J.J. turned his head to glance
at his beaming dad "Anyone ever tell you that you are the HOTTEST of the
HOT..the 'CREME of the'CREME?"
James laughed, feeling his cock
getting soft as he slowly withdrew from J.J.'s well-rammedass.
"Junior, " he smirked, "I've more cream
in store from you than a Twinkie factory!" THE END!! Hope you guys
enjoyed!! In Part 3, J.J. finds himself in trouble with that slick,
fast-talkin' hustler, "Sweet Daddy" and his two hulking, dark-suited
goons, and both he AND James have to find some way to pay off J.J.'s
debt...WITH interest!!

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